'Mayura' Silk Scarf
'Mayura' Silk Scarf

'Mayura' Silk Scarf

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Mayura, the Sanskrit name for the peacock, is a stunning design, resplendent in gold, blue and emerald green, with Apsaras playing the ancient musical instrument, Veena. Lotuses and marigolds bloom to the rhythm of peacocks unfolding their feathers.

The Story:

Often seen dancing on rooftops during the monsoon, the peacock symbolizes effervescence and return of colour to the desert’s golden landscape.  So closely is it linked to Rajasthan’s landscape, that even palatial art celebrates the bird’s moment of glory. One of these is the Peacock Gate of Jaipur’s City Palace - a sight once seen, never forgotten.


Size: 90 X 90 cms.


100% Silk Twill with rolled edges
Designed and Manufactured in India
Digitally printed with certified inks

Care Instructions:

• Dry Clean only
• Iron on medium heat
• Do not iron on tag